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The Impact of the HiSeq on Rare Variants


Are you at risk? It seems as if the number of lives that are affected by cancer, either directly or indirectly, is increasing exponentially with each passing year. Thankfully, this alarming rate of growth has also led to an increased interest and funding of cancer research. The advancements scientists are able to make today are due in large part to Next-Generation Sequencing platforms, such as Illumina’s HiSeq system. The HiSeq has been a significant addition to laboratories across the globe, including MR DNA. These high-throughput sequencers, such as the HiSeq, provide the ability to sequence genes at a greater depth than ever before and at a cost lower than ever before.




The team of scientists at MR DNA are able to pair their expertise in targeting the human exome with the cutting edge technology of the HiSeq in order to pinpoint those rare and potentially cancer causing variants that would otherwise remain undetected. Again, because of the high-throughput capabilities of the HiSeq, not only can the proper depth of coverage be achieved, but more samples can be placed on each run, thus making whole exome sequencing more affordable. As laboratories such as, MR DNA, remain committed to providing DNA sequencing at a low cost, and the ever evolving advancements in technology, you can be sure to see more publications and news headlines involving affordable whole exome sequencing